Rail Transport Infrastructure

Capital House provides a variety of civil, structural and management engineering services to public and private railway providers.

Undertaking major infrastructure works for the WA Public Transport Authority for bridges and rail stations, confirms CHA is familiar with all aspects of rail interfacing. Projects such as the Karrakatta Underpass and Kenwick Station upgrade illustrate particular experience with 24 hour construction, to ensure absolute minimal service interruption.

  • Karrakatta Underpass

  • Traffic Underpass Railway Bridge: Sequence of Construction - 0m39s

  • Kenwick Railway Station Monocoque FRP Canopy

  • Capital Car Parks (Website)

  • Claremont Station Upgrade

  • Guildford & Ashdale Station Upgrades

  • Perth Station Information Booths

  • Karnup Station

  • Boodarie Rail Depot

  • Station Heritage Works